Our Ale

We have recently had the pleasure of introducing you to our first ale,
"La Vermella de Salomó," that is the Red Ale from Salomó.  This is the culmination of the first stage we started almost 3 years ago. We hope that this stage will be followed by many other exciting brews to the world of craft beer.  We do not intend to copy a style; Our intention is to create a beer that is good to drink with it's own characteristics, and using the resources of our environment. The basis of the beer is the water from Salomó, it is pure and hard. We use neither acids nor industrial salts to correct it, nor reverse osmosis due to its wastage. We want to make the most of our natural resources and minimize our environmental impact. Beer when fresh can be slightly murky, over time it becomes reddish and transparent. The taste is of caramel with fruity overtones, but the truth is that we add no fruits, aromas or essences. We buy the hops directly from the farmer and keep them fresh so that they do not lose their properties. At the same time when we use it, we do it in a way that does not acquire excessive bitterness, but is perceived in a balanced and pleasant way. Every year we buy the best quality of the hops so that "La Vermella" has the very best taste. We want the beer to always be the same, but some nuances may vary slightly due to the artisanal preparation itself or some variation in the hops from year to year. We want to always produce the best product that anyone can enjoy. We want to share this experience with you.