The end result is a very unique beer that will surprise you with the taste and aroma.  Our beer is very rich, strongly malty with very fruity and caramel like aroma with just enough bitterness to balance out the brew.  The color is a clear strong red, from this we get the name "VERMELLA" which means "Red" in Catalan.  We enjoy it a lot, and often.  We hope you like it too.

Many beers were good, some terrible, but one beer was amazing.  It took me one year to find this beer, and two more to  perfect the recipe and learn how to consistently brew the same beer.

Today we get our malt directly from the factory, and our hops fresh from a farm.  We brew on a system which produces 600l of La Vermella at a time.  It is truly a craft brewing system, without computers or sensors.  We use our judgement and a hand held laboratory thermometer.  For mixing we use a paddle.  It is a very labor intensive process that takes three days from start to finished wort, then 2 to 3 weeks primary fermentation and at least one month bottle conditioning.

About us

It was obvious very quickly that I could not continue brewing in the kitchen if I wanted to eat.  So I constructed a brewing setup from old beer barrels and a lot of copper piping.  Helped with the knowledge from books and my previous failures I started brewing batches of 20-30 litres every week or two.

La Vermella started out in our kitchen, with old wild hops from the banks of Riu Gaia and our own malt, sun dried in the hot summer sun.
Our first batch of beer was only 2 litres, and not very good.  As we had no experience of brewing beer, I bought and read every book I could get a hold of.

In the meantime we took the time to design our brand and logo.  Select type of bottle, cap and label.